What does true intimacy with your horse look like?


My first horse Dobbin (the white horse) with me
and her foal and my 2 ponies, ridden by friends, 1981

Hi, I’m Jini

I was trained first by a horse. Then I was trained by humans.

The two worlds have very little in common.

But when you throw out all the stuff about ‘being a good leader’, ‘pressure and release’, training through various forms of manipulation (making your idea the horse’s idea) and you really truly LISTEN TO YOUR HORSE… when your only goal is that of a deep, vibrant, intimate relationship with your horse…
it’s profoundly amazing what transpires.

It’s an opening to the core of your being,
it’s an exploration and celebration of the best parts of being alive,
it’s a spiritual journey.

Come on in…

Hi, I’m Kesia

These days, I live and breathe horses. Even when I drive home to the city, I can’t scrub the dirt from the lines in my skin and I can’t wash the smell from my wrists (where glove and sleeve separate and let nature in), and when I get dolled up to go dancing I love that I’m secretly still full of horses.
Let’s share together…